Q & A

How to use ?

How often do people use EZ Calluspeell? How about the regular treatment cycle?

We recommend applying EZ Calluspeel treatment in every 2 weeks. However, the cycle might be changeable depending on the calluses condition.


How EZ Callus peel affects to pedicure?

How long does it take?

Life expectancy?

How much do I charge for this treatment?

Does it hurt when we get the treatment? Or is there any risk to use EZ Calluspeel products?

Is it Hygienic?

What are the main Ingredients?

How many sheets are in a skin soft pouch? What size the sheet is?

How often do people use EZ Calluspeel ?  How about the regular treatment cycle?

Can we touch the EZ Calluspeel Skin Soft with bare hands? 

Do we need to know any special technique for EZ Calluspeel treatment? Is it hard to do peel off and buff calluses on your heel?

Is it safe?



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